Adam & Company | Susan Boyd

In the BWS Hot Seat

Q: Tell us about your career journey so far

I’ve worked in the investment management industry for over 25 years. After 17 years working as an institutional portfolio manager, I joined the Adam investment team in 2006. As an Executive Director at Adam & Company, I am a member of the Adam Investment Proposition Board which oversees investment strategy. On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for a number of portfolios for individuals and charities. I also have executive responsibility for our client-service proposition, ensuring we provide the highest standards of service to all clients.

Q: What attracted you to work at Adam & Company? 

The relationships we build with clients are at the core of our business. I enjoy meeting with clients on a regular basis in one-to-one meetings and at informal networking events, such as our bi-annual investment seminars. Adam is a very inclusive place to work with a highly professional culture and focus on personal service. Our people are proud of Adam’s traditional Scottish brand values and the enduring client relationships built over time. At Adam we also combine investments with a range of wealth management services. Our long term approach to investing is complemented by a progressive style of private banking and a discreet and sophisticated advice service.

Q:What is your career highlight so far?

In 2014 Adam & Company won the Defensive Portfolio category at the PAM Awards. This achievement was a great recognition of the hard work and capability of our investment team. In the face of stiff competition, we were also named a finalist in two other performance categories for our growth and high growth portfolios. This success was extremely gratifying as PAM is a highly regarded awarding body in the wealth management industry. I was delighted when we were named finalist in the same Defensive Portfolio category this year.

Q:What advice would you give to women looking to invest or get into investment management?

My advice would be to just…go for it! There are some industries where women have struggled to gain recognition, but I think that the investment management profession can be proud that this is not the case – a number of high-profile industry leaders are women. It is an industry where the participants need a mix of social and analytical skills and, if you are prepared to work hard to achieve the professional qualifications, there should be no barriers to success. One of the great things about our profession is that results are measurable, which encourages a real meritocracy. I’m delighted to say that at Adam many of my senior colleagues are women and that my employer recognises the strong contribution we make in shaping this business every day. I’m also pleased that we align our brand with companies such as Investing Women and Business Women Scotland, which champion ambitious business women and help them to grow personally and professionally.