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Facts and myths about your hair cleansing regime

Opting for the right shampoo

Without question the selection of the right shampoo for your hair’s condition is vital. Get the choice wrong and you’ll probably end up with lack-lustre locks that spell regular bad hair days. Get it right and your hair’s condition will look and feel fantastic and be manageable. Consult your stylist for the best advice. They should be able to assess your hair’s status and determine the best product. Buying shampoo is like buying a car – you only get what you pay for so investing in a quality product will generate quality results.

Daily washing isn’t ideal

This is so right. Aim to avoid washing your hair every single day. I can get by with once or twice a week. We see so many new clients who have opted for a daily cleansing regime and their hair can end up flat and dull-looking, totally contrary to the results they’re hoping to achieve. You’ll end up washing out the natural oils and nutrients. Less is more when it comes to hair washing – and that also extends to the amount of shampoo you need to use. A pea-sized portion is more than sufficient to generate the required lather.

Give your hair a daily wash in water?

One of the secrets of a healthy head of hair is a happy scalp. Keep the scalp healthy and your hair will benefit. Your scalp sweats and secretes bacteria which if are simply being rinsed with water, won’t vanish. A daily wash with only h2o won’t do the trick. You do need to use the correct shampoo – but you don’t need to be washing it every single day as we’ve stated.

Condition, condition, condition

It’s so important that as well as selecting a good hair shampoo product, a good conditioner is just as key. But you don’t need to be using the conditioner every time you shampoo. If it’s the right product, relevant to your hair’s condition then occasional use should suffice to keep your locks in pristine condition.

Shampoo, rinse and repeat?

Dump the repeat. We’ve always joked that the message displayed on shampoo packs – shampoo, rinse and repeat – was the key to the manufacturers ensuring quicker profits as buyers would use the product twice as fast! In our view once is always enough. Too much shampoo can leave your hair feeling and looking dry. Keep to the once only rule and you’ll also save yourself time with your hair cleansing regime.

Can a dry shampoo work?

Most definitely and we regularly recommend to clients that they introduce a dry shampoo to their cleansing regime, especially if they’ve been more used to daily shampooing sessions. We’re big fans of the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ refresh dust (see photo). This is a sprayable powder that’s full of body to refresh your style in-between shampoos. Gives incredible volume and hair stays fresher longer after just one use. Shake well before use and apply to dry hair to see your hair transform in seconds.

An ice-cold water rinse works makes hair shinier?

100% not the case. It might waken you up a tad, but dousing your hair with cold water will have zero impact on the shininess of your hair.

Hair fallout is worse when it’s washed

Losing hair when you wash it is common. It’s part of the process of effectively detoxing your scalp of hair that’s parted company from the follicles – often for natural reasons about which we need not worry. Wash your hair less regularly and you’ll end up seeing more hair going simply because you’re slowing down the clearout and building up the number of hairs that need to be removed.


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