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Dress Your Way

Q:  A most popular question I hear when meeting or styling women is: how to office dress in the ‘dress down Friday’ age? 
It used to be easier. We used to know that when in the business domain one should wear a suit, yet with a more relaxed approach to office attire, introduced In the past few years, washed denim, animal print tops, open toe shoes and ill-fitted sleeveless dresses now ‘grace’ various corridors. A style of office clothes that seriously blurs the line between suitable workwear and weekend / night-out outfits. For an executive impact to be effective on a daily basis you will need to dress for the job you want, not the one you already have, regardless of your company role. The reason is simple; your appearance is where you communicate your best self: be it approachable, trustworthy and reliable, your outfit declares: ‘Notice me, I am the one you want’. Remember ladies that a lack of jacket does not imply a disempowered woman in business, in as much as red does not always imply power, and a default all black look will not always achieve the desired ‘hide me’ effect. Consider your personality and profession and choose your garments accordingly. No place for exposed body art for a private banker or a power suit for a therapist. Dressing is always about projection of competence. A capable image will say: I am an expert in my field, trust me with your business.

Q:  What is the best way to dress while on a business trip or conference?
Regardless of the destination you are still surrounded by your colleagues and they will expect the person they know. Ask yourself what type of dresser you are then pack garments that will suit your style aesthetics and the location. Keep your image consistent, even while travelling to the venue and back to the office.

Q: I work from home, should I dress up even on a ‘no clients’ day?
Short answer is yes as it is a reflection of your business intention, but it does depend on your profession; I know a few creatives who work best in their Pjs. Opt for soft fabrics and energising shades to get away from the structured work garments and make sure the outfit is clean and in good repair.

Q:  I recently teamed with an international company, should I enforce their dresscode on my employees?
Dresscode manuals can provide a source of reassurance for some and discomfort for others. I would suggest a meet with all parties to find out how crucial it is to the company’s branding and future growth. Change is multi-layered at the best of times; a supportive discussion can clarify the way forward.

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