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We chat with Barbara Cameron from Mrs Makeup. Barbara finally put a lifelong passion into practice and learned the art of semi permanent makeup.

The business Mrs Makeup was established in 2013, what challenges did you face starting a new business with the overheads of premises and purchasing equipment?
I started off with one room, a bed and a digital tattoo machine, hygiene supplies, a card machine, and a telephone line. The first big risk I took other than the initial rent and room set up, was asking my good friend to come and be my full time PA. All of a sudden being responsible for someone else’s salary felt like a huge commitment. As the business grew, we slowly took over the entire floor and the biggest expansion happened over a 12-month period. I try not to think about how big we have become, and focus on delivering results and growing our name as one of the top permanent makeup providers in Scotland.

Was this something you always wanted to do?
Always! I had initially thought about learning this over 10 years ago, but the reality was I just couldn’t afford it. The training alone cost upwards of 10k, and it was just an impossible amount of money for me to get my hands on. I had a regular job in banking, and my income like many other people was completely taken up by looking after my daughter, mortgage payments and bills. I always had a bit of a creative streak, and I took a smaller risk and opened a small nail salon in 2006. I built that up over a 5-year period, and eventually sold it for the exact price that it would cost me to learn how to tattoo. I handed over the keys and walked away from everything to give permanent makeup a shot. Nothing could have prepared me for the fact that in the beginning, I wasn’t actually very good at it, but constant practice, mixed with the fact that I had no other income or job, forced me to put everything I had into making it a success.

There are many positive aspects of your job, enjoying what you do is key to a successful business, what would you say is the most enjoyable part of your job?
The things that I enjoy the most are that I am not bound by rules set by others and I am in charge of growing my own reputation. If something isn’t working, I have the power to change it. Secondly, I get to choose my own team. The people you surround yourself with on a daily basis absolutely influence your life in an immeasurable way. I have been fortunate enough to employ a couple of my closest and oldest friends, and seeing them love the business as much as I do, sets the foundation for a business that is run by genuine passion.

Many women suffer from low  self-esteem issues for various reasons. Have the treatments you offer at Mrs Makeup helped your clients to feel positive and happy? This must be one of the many perks of your job, seeing the transformation in a person’s confidence?
It absolutely is. I am often overwhelmed at the cards and gifts and kind words that clients take the time to leave us with after their treatments are finished. It makes me most proud when they tell us how welcome they were made to feel, or how much they trust me.

mrs makeup eyebrowsDo you offer a consultation for clients before they make the decision about what treatment they would like?
Listening to our client’s needs is paramount, so we always offer clients a face-to-face consultation first. We do not charge for a consultation, as it is important for my clients to feel comfortable and be able to talk through the procedures before any treatments proceed. Many people have followed my work for a long time and travel a significant distance, with our long-term clients we have an in depth telephone consultation.

Lastly who would you like to have on your client list for Mrs Makeup?
I’ve thought long and hard about this, trying to think of a few fancy celebrity names, but I can’t think of one particular person. The treatments and the service we provide for our clients at Mrs Makeup helps to increase confidence levels and make our clients feel happy, in my eyes my clients new and existing would be just as important as any celebrity, as it’s how you make the person feel after their treatment! A happy client gives me great job satisfaction!

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