#BWSLiveEvent in Glasgow

Venue : 200 SVS, 200 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5RQ

A day of business conversation and culture, and spend some time
investing in yourself, your business and your career.

Hosted by STV newsreader Rachel McTavish we have a fantastic line up of speakers throughout the day giving advice on growing a business, improving your leadership skills and gaining confidence.

#BWSLiveEvent helps promote women in business and those looking to set up their own company. We have talks and discussions, focusing on organisational development, managing culture and change, coaching and leadership development.

We will talk to some women that have climbed the career ladder and will share the obstacles they have overcome.

The time is right for women to be able to fully take up their role in organisations, responding to the Scottish Government’s 50/50 by 2020 initiative for board gender balance.

Why You Should Attend The #BWSLiveEvent

The time is right for women to be able to fully take up their role in
organisations, responding to the Scottish Government’s 50/50 by
2020 initiative for board gender balance.

  • The #BWSLiveEvent is aimed at women in management, leadership or professional advisor roles within organisations, and women running their own businesses, new or established.
  • #BWSLiveEvent helps to encourage a pipeline of women to take the next step up in their careers.
  • #BWSLiveEvent is an engaging event and helps to develop women as they prepare to move into leadership roles, developing leadership capability for your career or for you to manage others in your own new business.
  • #BWSLiveEvent is a one day event, with informative speakers and discussions, offering women the opportunity to learn together and connect with other like-minded women in business.

#BWSLiveEvent Agenda

BWS Live Event Glasgow
9:00am - 09:15am
Fiona Muir
Helping Scotland’s Businesses Grow. The benefits of superfast broadband with real life case studies of how it is helping businesses.
BWS Live Event Glasgow
09:20am - 9:55am
Bridget McCann
What type of communicator are you? Communicate Confidently. Learn to communicate confidently and effectively, with confidence.
BWS Live Event Glasgow
10:05am - 10:35am
Liz Hoskin
What kind of leader are you?
BWS Live Event Glasgow
10:45am - 11:15am
51X-DComd-Col Stephanie Jackman MBE
Empowering women, taking the next steps.
BWS Live Event Glasgow
11:25am - 11:55pm
Marianne Meehan
Simplifying the Approach for Better Strategy Making
BWS Live Event Glasgow
12:05pm - 12:30pm
Helen McKay
Funding for Business. Looking at alternative ways for SMEs to get funding to help them grow
BWS Live Event Glasgow
12:40pm - 13:05pm
Colin McKeand
Colin McKeand is Scotland’s leading Business Networking Skills Trainer and also a sought after speaker. Colin teaches the art of effective networking that delivers real results and returns on investment.
BWS Live Event Glasgow
13:15pm - 13:55pm
Kay Davidson
Kay Davidson is a hands-on, award-winning designer, her specialty is the corporate business wear market. Lead in Style Make the right first impression with your personal branding, look and feel like a leader.
BWS Live Event Glasgow
14:05pm - 14:25pm
Lauren Taylor
Positive change will happen when you focus your energy on CREATING what you want and getting clear about your vision and purpose.
BWS Live Event Glasgow
14:35pm - 15:05pm
Marie Rodgers
7 Simple Steps to “YES!” At last! Action taking entrepreneurs discover a NEW WAY to get more clients without being ‘salesy’
BWS Live Event Glasgow
15:15pm - 15:40pm
Helen Vass
Helen Vass is an award winning pastry chef based in Glasgow, Scotland and runs her own patisserie & consultancy business, Dulce by Helen Vass.

Times and line-up subject to change.