Edinburgh’s Face and Body celebrate five years

Face and Body survives the challenges to celebrate five years in Edinburgh’s West End

In just five years Face and Body, founded by Dr Victoria Dobbie BDS, has established itself as Scotland’s premier non-surgical cosmetic company. The Alva Street (Edinburgh) clinic offers a range of treatments from simple skincare advice and the ever-popular Botox to the innovative fat removal treatment, CoolSculpting.

victoria-dobbieAnd whilst Victoria and her team are delighted to be celebrating half a decade in Edinburgh’s West End, it’s not all been easy, as she explains: “Back in 2008 when I decided to make the move from freelance to opening my own clinic, it seemed pretty straightforward, little did we know that the world was on the brink of recession.” Victoria and her team were almost ready to open their doors when the collapse of Lehman Brothers sent shockwaves across the global economy. “We’d signed a twenty year lease on the premises, invested thousands of pounds transforming them from a grotty old office into a welcoming, modern clinic and were finalising our team when the sub-prime problems started to have an effect” explains Victoria.

“We were past the point of no return by then, so had no choice except to keep going” she adds, “although it’s safe to say there were a lot more sleepless nights than expected in those early days”.

The recession meant that many of the early plans Victoria had for Face and Body had to be reassessed and in some cases, scaled back in order to give the business the best chance of success. “We no longer had the luxury of being able to employ lots of staff from day one – we had to make sure we had the core team in place and no more” explains Victoria.

The challenging climate also meant that Victoria was forced to make more considered decisions in terms of investment in equipment than she’d expected. “We had to really make sure that any major investments were going to be worth it, so we really looked at the research behind the technology and the reviews from both patients and practitioners when making decisions – we’d always intended to make informed choices in terms of our offerings, but now we were spending a lot more time researching things than we might have done in easier times.”

“I think, in hindsight, that this has actually been beneficial to us – and our customers – it means we have the best, most efficient and effective equipment possible, and in some cases, such as with CoolSculpting, we’ve been able to spot the potential of treatments that others have been slow to embrace.”

Victoria believes that it’s the clinic’s team as much as the technology that’s helped make Face and Body a success. “We have a small but incredibly dedicated expert team and we invest heavily in making sure that they have the best training possible so that they can offer our patients the best advice and treatments possible.
Everyone here is passionate about what they do and as keen to embrace new developments as I am. I think that this expertise, along with great service and treatments that are proven to work is what’s enabled us to keep going when other clinics across the UK have had to close.”

Of course, being in the West End presented another challenge in the form of the tram works, which have taken so much longer than promised and caused so much more disruption than expected, “there was nothing we could really do about the fact that the roads all around us were building sites, except make sure that what we were offering was worth negotiating it all for” says Victoria.

For more information about Face and Body, visit www.faceandbody.co.uk

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