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Skin matters

Joan Robertson is CEO of JL Formulations and is a Skin Guru. Email Joan with your skin queries and she will answer in following issues of BWS magazine. e:


Why does my skin feel particularly dry at this time of year?
Centrally heated homes and offices dry the moisture in the air causing skin to heat up and become dry and sensitive. Get some fresh air into your environment and drink lots of water. If you look into a magnifying mirror and see lots of horizontal fine lines over your face then this is a sure sign that you are dehydrated. So up the water intake and use a hydrating mask every night until these dehydration lines disappear.

My skin is red, sensitive and looks spotty across the cheeks – what is going on?
Unfortunately this sounds like Rosacea, which affects almost 3 times as many women as men. The cause of this skin disease is still unknown today however it is known that sun exposure, spicy foods, alcohol, stress, anxiety and extremes of temperature are all aggravators of this skin problem. Use skin care products that are gentle, contain no perfume and use very gentle pressure when applying products. I have seen very good results using natural skin care products containing ingredients such as Rosehip and other good antioxidants together with a course of Dermalite Facials which delivers healing rays to the deeper layers of the skin, desensitising and soothing as it heals.

Are Make-up Wipes OK to cleanse your skin with?
No, No and No again! Most make up wipes are saturated with chemicals that can irritate and dry your skin out, especially those that contain alcohol. They also contain preservatives to make them stop growing bacteria once the packet is opened and these ingredients are probably not safe to leave on your skin. They simply do not cleanse your skin properly so please go back to Face & Eye Make Up Remover used with cotton pads.

I never had acne until now and I am in my forties – help!
Adult acne is affecting women due to the oestrogen levels in the body falling, allowing the testosterone levels to be more assertive. These are the hormones in charge of your skin’s production of oil. Combine this excess oil production with a slowing down of cell renewal and voila – pores get blocked up and result in acne. Cleanse with a glycolic cleanser, use mild skin scrub several times a week and do not use moisturiser that is heavy over spotty areas. Finally have a good facial and skin care regime – these are a must have!

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