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Summer Ready Skin

Joan Robertson is CEO of JL Formulations and is a Skin Guru. Email Joan with your skin queries and she will answer in following issues of BWS magazine. e:


How does skin change from Spring to Summer

Skin renews itself every 28 days and takes longer the older we become. The epidermis, your top outside layer, is always shedding dead skin cells and now in the summer it’s at its optimum level of shedding. This means that skin is clearer, smoother and younger looking during the summer months. Woohoo!

On the run up to your Holiday

Another word for shedding is exfoliating so during summer you should still exfoliate on the lead up to your holidays. Normal to dry skins – exfoliate twice a week. Oily/acne skins – exfoliate every other day. Sensitive skin – no exfoliation on lead up to holiday. Ensure you use a gentle exfoliator and preferably pm rather than am. You shouldn’t go out after giving yourself a skin scrub as this can sensitize your face. Exfoliation keeps skin renewing at a good rate, makes skin look clearer, smoother and even toned.

Pigmentation problems?

A good idea is to use a serum containing a high Vit C content for a month before. Vit C acts somewhat like a sunscreen giving you protection from UV and prevents hyperpigmentation. This is a fab vitamin because it also does a couple of other things you should know. It promotes collagen synthesis, is an anti-inflammatory and fights against those rogue molecules ‘free radicals’ that cause premature ageing.

One week before your holiday

Use a mild exfoliator over your whole body to get rid of as many dead skin cells as possible. This is going to allow you to have a light even tan. Hydrate by applying a good body lotion all over paying attention to knees, arms and feet. Getting a full leg wax helps to exfoliate.

Away in the sun

HYDRATE & PROTECT that is your holiday mantra! The sun is responsible for 80% of the ageing process so big hat and big sunglasses. Drink lots of water, cleanse skin with mild cleanser, apply good moisturiser and let it absorb. Apply SPF 25 and reapply consistently during the day. The belief is now that SPF 25 is high enough in order to let some UV through to keep your immune system healthy. It is well documented that in the UK we have low levels of Vitamin D and now is your time to up the levels whilst away. Skin exfoliates quicker in the sun so no skin scrubs, exfoliating products or serums. Keep it simple.

Back home

Damage limitation! Massage baby oil all over the body prior to showering. Soap off oil and voilá – lovely silky skin! Keep up this tip to prevent dry flaky skin after the holidays. Book a hydrating facial as soon as and back to using your serums and good treatment moisturisers that are loaded with anti-oxidants. Free radicals are the rogue molecules that cause premature ageing and skin damage so using a moisturiser am and pm containing anti-oxidants is a must – especially after being in the sun! For any event requirement in Scotland and further information on the Susan Reid Collection.

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