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Are you ready for results day?

For parents of SQA exam candidates, Tuesday 5th August 2014 will be a day to remember. The long awaited finale to a year of hard work, anxiety, stress and hope. Regardless of your child’s ability or plans, the arrival of their SQA results marks progression to the next stage of their education. Those who achieve all that they hoped for will enjoy the well-deserved celebrations. However, for those who experience disappointment, decisions may be required. In all instances, support and advice is available.

Q: We will be away from home when ‘the SQA envelope’ arrives. Can my daughter receive her results by e-mail or text on 5th August 2014?

Yes, many students choose to receive their results electronically on Tuesday 5th August. Students must sign-up for this service by Tuesday 8th July and activate their account by Wednesday 16th July. Q: Can we request an appeal if my child’s results are disappointing? In the academic year 2013 – 2014, SQA will introduce a new ‘Results Service’ to replace the existing appeals service. The Post-Results Service will begin after candidates have received their certificates. If a school or college is concerned about a student’s results they can request a clerical check and/or a marking review of an exam paper. Parents and students should contact the school to discuss the options available.

Q: My son has applied to university and is anxious that he will not meet the conditions of his offer. What are his options?

The university will request your son’s results directly from SQA and the first step is to check whether he is still being offered a place. This information can be found in the ‘Track’ section of his UCAS account. Students who fail to meet a conditional offer may be offered an alternative course – a ‘changed course offer’ that must be accepted or declined. For students who have not been accepted, a clearing number will be issued which then allows them to begin applying for places via clearing. Students who applied to university this year will be eligible to use clearing if one of the following situations applies.

• Application has not been withdrawn
• No offers received
• Offers were declined or not responded to by the due date
• Application was received after 30th June 2014.

Where to seek advice?

School – for students returning to school, contact should be made with key staff in the first instance. Many schools will have staff available on results day.

Exam results helpline – advice and support will be available from Skills Development Scotland via the free helpline. Details of the helpline will be published on the website.

College – returning students and new applicants should contact Student Services or a known member of staff.

SQA Candidate Advice Line – The contact details will be noted in the letter, which accompanies your child’s certificate.

UCAS – Students who have applied via UCAS should check “Track” where they can clarify decisions and follow instructions accordingly.


For UCAS or College Candidates
Results day requires preparation. In general, students, not parents, should initiate contact and be familiar with all procedures. Relevant documents, a laptop and a phone are essential.

For School Returners
It is advisable for parents to be involved in discussions regarding their child’s SQA results and subsequent decisions.

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