Oct - Nov 2017

The ability to access broadband and mobile coverage throughout the country is vital to a stronger economy and a fairer Scotland.
Through the DSSB programme, we are working together as partners (The Scottish Government, UK Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, BT, local authorities and the European Regional Development Fund) investing over £400 million, to deliver access to a fibre broadband network to at least 95% of premises across the country by the end of 2017.

With over 780,000 premises already enabled, DSSB is delivering on time and within budget. Without it, only 66% of premises would have been reached by commercial coverage. Strong take-up figures mean a further £17.9 million has now been reinvested back into the programme and thousands more homes and businesses will benefit in 2018.

Upgrade boosts speed and efficiency

Lynne Kennedy, editor of the business Women Scotland (BWS) Magazine, runs the business from her home in Glasgow. Like many others, Lynne thought that she was unable to get fibre broadband, but after meeting the Digital Scotland team at a BWS event she learnt that her postcode was actually in an area covered by the programme, so could upgrade.

Fibre broadband has made a huge difference to the way that Lynne is able to run the magazine. As it’s a publishing company, Lynne receives a number of emails with large files attached. Before fibre, downloading was a lengthy process.

Lynne says: “I would go downstairs, make a cup of tea, and by the time I came back upstairs the picture would still be downloading. It was a nightmare!” However, since upgrading to fibre Lynne is now receiving high download speeds, and this had made all the difference.

She says: “The download speeds have been the biggest benefit. It has saved me so much time and with my type of job it’s all about thinking ahead and being prepared for the next publication.
“All of my staff work from home too and now that they also have fibre broadband installed it is making such a difference to the business.”

Key points to note:

  • Due to the scale and complexity of the task at hand, it’s not possible to connect all areas at once.
  • Both the current commercial and DSSB roll-outs won’t be complete until the end of this year and the DSSB extended build will continue to roll-out until the end of 2018.
  • To find out where and when fibre broadband will roll-out in your area visit
  • You’ll need to contact your service provider to switch to fibre broadband as this doesn’t happen automatically.
  • Beyond the current programme, the Scottish Government has made the commitment of delivering 100% superfast broadband across Scotland by 2021.‎
  • Some residents may be eligible for a subsidised basic broadband installation; designed to provide a better broadband connection for those on the lowest speeds ahead of any future public investment in superfast broadband. Further information: