Oct - Nov 2017

Interiors expert, Margot Paton of Glasgow based Chelsea Mclaine uses her creative flair to answer your design dilemmas.

This striking Julian Chichester table could be the perfect addition to the dining room.

We have a room that’s become redundant since our son married and left home. I’ve a notion to turn it into a dressing-room while my partner wants a study. What do you think is best to enhance the house appeal if we come to sell?

Why not have both and have equal pleasure from it? Recently we’ve worked with clients who integrated both functions into the same space. We’ve had others who’ve wanted the functionality of a study but also the option to use the space as an occasional guest room. Whenever you change the function of a room it’s always good to take time to think about its new use and how best to maximise the space. Whatever the combo or if you opt for a study only then think carefully about the following points – storage options, lighting methods especially if you intend using the desk regularly, an adequate number power points and floor coverings. If the study wins the vote, then consider the best ‘office’ chair to introduce.

We’ve just moved house and, for the first time, we’ll have a separate formal dining room. I want something distinctive as a dining table to create a positive reaction when family or friends walk in. Any suggestions?

We were in London recently for the major trade shows and we saw amazing furniture from Julian Chichester. They have a Colourist Collection of pieces which allows you to select from endless colours in various finishes. Their Drum Table with its thick round top sits on an Aged Brass or Nickel cylindrical base. The example we saw had a cobalt blue top – as seen in the photo – and it was pretty impressive. I reckon you’d certainly get the right reaction from your guests!

In planning our new kitchen we’re incorporating a separate utility room which then leads out to the garden. Any advice to share?

Utility rooms can be a real bonus in the home and by the sounds of it you’ve got the opportunity to maximise the potential as you are at the planning stage. Think about its function. If you and the family are coming in from the garden, then consider some seating – so it’s easier to get off the muddy boots!
Think about storage options too – you’ll want to keep things like washing powder, conditioner etc all out of sight but to hand. You might incorporate a freezer – freeing up space in the kitchen. If your ceilings are high – consider an old fashioned clothes pulley as it will increase your drying space. We’ve designed some utility rooms that even incorporated a wine cooler!

Saturation point: Zoffany’s paint coverage of walls, skirtings, doors and even ceilings in the same colour can create dramatic effects.

Colour choice for painting two rooms in our house has left me and my other half at loggerheads. The dispute is over what colour and finish to use on doors and skirting boards. Any tips on what’s on trend?

There’s a current trend which certainly will deliver a strong impact and settle the argument!
Paint the walls, the skirting boards and even the ceiling the same colour. Or don’t think about the skirting board as white or cream – think about it as a very different, complementing colour to your wallcovering or paint choice.
The term used in our professional world is ‘saturated colour’ and paint supplier Zoffany have created some amazing colourways that really work well. As you’ll see from the photo the use of the same colour on the walls, door and skirting really has a wow factor.


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