Visage Lifestyle Clinic: Avril McLintock



When Avril McLintock took a job as a dental receptionist in Queens Park, Glasgow, aged eighteen she didn’t quite realise she had just opened the door to a very fruitful and extremely successful career in that field. Now, Avril is six years into being the face of Glasgow’s high-tech, luxurious Visage Lifestyle Clinic, which offers a ground-breaking combination of traditional and cosmetic dentistry.

Avril’s early success was evident in her quick progression from a receptionist and dental nurse role to managing her private dentistry clinic within just a few short years. This demonstration of her potential allowed Avril to secure her next opportunity with Glasgow’s famous and luxurious Linn products. The next eight years here were an exciting blur, being fast-tracked from customer service right up to a high powered events facilitator role within sales and marketing.

Avril’s passion for dentistry, however, had remained and the development of revolutionary new treatments in recent years – dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to name a few – kept Avril’s attention.

Glasgow’s Visage Lifestyle Clinic was one of the first clinics to encompass these new treatments under one roof and, due to Avril’s wide range of contacts, it wasn’t long until it was on her radar. The clinical director immediately recognised her potential and quickly invited her to become his practice manager. For Avril, there was no question of whether or not to seize this opportunity.

In its nine year history Visage Lifestyle Clinic has scooped an unprecedented 13 national dentistry awards, including Best Practice UK, Practice of the Year Scotland and, underpinning its very ethos, Most Innovative Practice of the Year. Its reputation was undeniable too, enhancing the lives of thousands by focusing its cutting edge skills and technology on restoring patients’ confidence in their physical appearance.

As practice manager, Avril is usually the patient’s first point of contact: “Often patients have spent a lot of time researching their treatment and find it valuable to come in for an informal chat about their treatment options before making a decision.” It is Avril’s responsibility to give prospective clients the best impression possible, encouraging them to trust Visage with potentially life-changing treatments.

Visage Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the first things people look for when meeting a new business contact is a friendly and sincere smile, yet many business women lack confidence in the appearance of their teeth and consciously or unconsciously try to hide them which affects their smile. With cosmetic dentistry at its heart (even training in advanced dentistry techniques to dentists all over Scotland) Visage takes real pride in helping patients regain that confidence by giving them a perfect smile.

Visage achieves this through a combination of whitening, realignment, veneers and replacement of missing teeth, complemented by “facial aesthetics”; using minimally invasive techniques to reduce wrinkles, firm contours and smooth skin.

The overall ethos of the clinic is that, apart from admiring the results, no-one other than the patient herself should ever know that any cosmetic work has been carried out.

Many of Avril’s clients are business women seeking safe, natural-looking long-term solutions – “Our professional female clients do not only benefit from the perfection of their physical appearance, but more importantly from the confidence this brings them” which is key to creating the right impression in their professional environments.

This approach, combined with the clinic’s awards, expertise and glowing testimonials, has built a hugely successful and popular brand, with a particular focus on accommodating the busy lifestyle of today’s businesswomen.

As well as Visage’s convenient city centre location is (discreetly nestled in Glasgow’s Merchant City) the clinic opens from early mornings to late evenings and weekends to fit around its business clients’ working schedules. Furthermore, Visage’s treatments have been specially selected to achieve faster and more reliable results with the minimum recovery time possible, making them ideal for clients who need a fast, interruption-free return to work.

Always one to practice what she preaches, Avril is currently undergoing a three month course of tooth realignment – “my aligner has been so easy to use and I’m amazed at the improvement it has made to my smile”. Like the rest of her team, Avril regularly goes out of her way to directly experience the Clinic’s treatments, explaining: “The only way to truly understand the patient experience is to see our treatments from their perspective. It’s invaluable in explaining exactly what new patients can expect, which really improves their confidence.”

The Team at Visage

With the public more informed than ever about facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry: “People aren’t afraid to try them for the first time. But they want treatments they know will work. Where they used to just go for a facial, they now realise there are treatments which can provide a natural looking but much more long lasting result.”

Visage’s approach certainly seems to be working and patients keep coming back. Although the clinic is already considered to be at the top of its field, Avril’s determination will ensure it keeps moving forward in the most innovative and patient-centric way possible: “Everything we do is based on client feedback and based on this we are currently investing in new technology which will allow us to treat the troublesome issue of stretch marks.” This development will make Visage one of Scotland’s only clinics that can treat this common problem.

“What is most important to achieving results is the calibre and ethos of the team. Visage boasts some of the most experienced qualified and diligent practitioners in their respective fields. I’m proud to work such a talented and tight-knit team whose primary motivation is always making sure that when you walk out of our doors it is with renewed and lasting confidence on your physical appearance”.