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We chat with Sarah Barr, entrepreneur and director of She Is Boss. Sarah is passionate about women in business and connecting with like-minded women. She Is Boss runs as a membership programme, creating training workshops, meeting with mentors and generally empowering women in business!

When was She Is Boss founded and what gave you the inspiration to start this?
She Is Boss was founded in September 2015, which makes us a relatively new business. I was inspired to start She Is Boss after working one to one with women through coaching and realising that one of the greatest challenges in business was mindset & confidence. Through research I was made away that a huge percentage of business leaders attributed their success to confidence, self-belief and the right network. I wanted to bring all these aspects together for women into one place, whilst promoting and supporting gender equality in the workplace and business.

Has it been challenging setting up the business?
Yes, my biggest challenge has definitely been wanting to run before I can walk. Taking what’s in my head and making it a reality has been a challenge especially whilst juggling family commitments. I love coaching and working but setting up the systems & ‘paperwork’ has definitely been a challenge. Anything that is about spreadsheets is not my thing!

It has been well documented that a high percentage of women from any age suffer from low self esteem issues, is this something you have encountered through coaching other women in business?
Very much so, women can really hold themselves back and in my experience doubt themselves and their ability. They have no problem seeing the greatness of others but have difficulty in seeing it in themselves. This is one of the reasons having a wonderful network works really well for women, so we can shine that light on each other.

You are a working mother and wife how do you combine your business with motherhood?
This truly is my biggest challenge as both my children are pre-school. It is a blessing and a curse to be able to be at home with them whilst running my business. They do attend nursery twice a week and without that outside support I am not sure it would be possible. My husband also is very supportive which allows me to work. I think the key is to be flexible, working nights and weekends and changing our perspective of what the working day looks like. I would like to see more support in place for parents growing business as childcare is expensive and not always a possibility for new business owners. It is not always easy but I am passionate that both men and
women don’t put their dreams on hold while being parents. It’s important to teach our kids to go after what they want and the best way to do that is by example.

What has been the best advice you have been given?
To forget realistic goals and dream as big as possible. As Richard Branson said, “If your dreams don’t scare you they are too small”

At BWS we say women network and do business is a different way from our male colleagues, have you found this to be your experience?
Absolutely, women tend to create these incredible relationships that are built on trust, which makes for good business. It becomes a support network where women flourish. I’ve also found women tend to view networking as a slow burner, meaning they don’t go into networking events to ‘sell’ but to build a relationship with someone they can help or learn from.

Finally where would you like your business to be in 5 years time?
Wow this is where I get really excited. In 5 years I would like the business to include other coaches and mentors so we can give our clients a wider range of support to improve their confidence and leadership skills. I would like to run Scotland’s largest female empowerment conference and to develop a social enterprise element to the business that helps support women and girls through education, business development and empowerment. I’d also like to create a range of products, including clothing and stationery that helps women feel empowered and confident.