Once Upon a Time – Face & Body: Victoria Dobbie


Victoria Dobbie’s, Founder and Medical Director of Face & Body, first profession was dentistry, however after serving in the Royal Army Dentistry Corp she realised that being a dental surgeon was perhaps not the best career choice for a self-confessed ‘people person’ who wants two-way conversations with her clients to best understand their individual needs.

This led her down the route of dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments, culminating in a training course. After her second son was born eleven years ago, she decided to switch careers and use her dentistry training and expertise in the field of aesthetics, which she says, is also about putting back form and function. “Dentists do a lot of head and neck dissection, so facial anatomy is a real strength that can easily be transferred to aesthetics,” says Victoria.

Victoria and her husband, Hamish, now run Face & Body on Alva Street in Edinburgh, a clinic that has become one of the most respected leaders in the field of aesthetics. If you thought all there was to it was Botox, think again, as this market has grown immeasurably in recent years and as medical director, Victoria is at the cutting edge, constantly looking ahead to see what new treatments they can offer.

What makes Face & Body stand out in a market that does not, as yet, have mandatory controls imposed by the government, is a professional code of practice that only selects treatments on the basis that they are safe, must work, and have minimum down time. “Most of our clients are busy women who need to be able to go back to work,” Victoria explains, “which is why our maximum down time is just 24 hours.”

The clinic (such a cold-sounding word for what, in this instance, is a warm and welcoming sanctuary where miracles can and do happen) is also a member of the Independent Health Advisory Service (IHAS), which maintains a register of practitioners and checks to ensure they are properly registered, trained and insured, in addition to checking quality control specifications. “We always recommend people to carry out independent checks on practitioners, even if they have been given a personal recommendation,” she adds.

Improving your looks and boosting your self-confidence should never be a leap of faith. You only have one face and body, but while trust is vital, it should come from knowing that you are in safe, skilled hands. Face & Body clients also have the added assurance from reams of testimonials that Victoria looks after her clients as she would her friends and family. “My relationship with a client is very special and for that reason I know when to draw the line, even when they don’t!” she says.