Once Upon a Time – Gag Traders: JoJo Sutherland


Scottish comedian, writer and broadcaster, Jojo Sutherland, launches a new corporate/comedy style workshop, entitled, ‘Stand-up and Be Counted’, for businesswomen across the UK, to help improve confidence and self-esteem in the boardroom.

The sessions, all hosted by Jojo who has just returned from performing stand-up for the troops, provides tips and techniques used in the comedy world to help tackle difficult situations in the workplace. The key focus is to address fears and doubts women may have in everything from presentations skills to networking and dealing with demanding clients to interpreting and using the right body language, by delving into the psychology behind them.

The birth of the idea came from the years’ of experience Jojo has had not only as a comedian but also from workshops she has delivered, for over a decade, to people with long term mental and physical ill-heath, using comedy to promote confidence and well-being, and also comedy courses she has run for aspiring comics to help them break into the notoriously difficult world of stand-up.

Jojo said: “Moving into the corporate world felt like a natural progression for me especially at a time when the focus from large organisation is on gender targets for senior management positions. “Women are very good at getting their point across, however there are times when they might feel intimidated or inadequate which is what I intend to tackle through these light-hearted, fun workshops and hopefully give women the tools to overcome these fears and implement them into their daily work life.”

Helen Gray, founder of FITNESS STUDIO EH1, who recently attended one of the workshops, said: “Bringing a comedy element to everyday work situations is a great, alternative way to help deal with things like the fear of public speaking, how to network effectively and be more assertive.

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“Jojo touched on lots of very funny examples and experiences herself, and also managed to get us all doing this too in a noncringing way and without role-playing!
“It was refreshing and entertaining, and has to be the best business workshop I have attended. It has helped me to start thinking more about turning the negatives into positives and how to use these to my advantage, and also even more importantly it has given me the confidence to be more open, which feels very empowering.”

Jojo, also gives tips on using comedy to calm an audience, dealing with business hecklers, answering difficult questions, the importance of having a solid opening line and how to deliver a more upbeat and convincing presentation overall.

Angela Tunnah, RBS Business specialist/women in business ambassador said: “We recently invited Jojo in to do one of her workshops for us and it was a huge hit amongst our businesswomen looking to either climb the ladder, be more assertive and confident or looking for tips on how to approach dreaded situations from a different perspective.

“She is such an inspirational woman who has a great way of making people feel at ease when opening up about their fears and inhibitions – I have even asked her to be my own personal mentor!

“Going by the overwhelming, positive feedback received, her Stand-up and Be Counted workshops are guaranteed to be a huge success.” Jojo’s focus for now is on businesswomen as there as so many personal learnings and experiences over the years which she can give to other women, however she isn’t ruling out extending it to businessmen in the future.

Jojo continued: “I feel that it is important for everyone to get the most from whatever career path you take and to have the courage of your own convictions. “I’m confident anyone who joins my workshops will leave feeling not only empowered but also having had good fun learning a few techniques which will help them to “Stand-up and be Counted” in all areas of their life.”

The Stand-up and Be Counted workshops, which last three hours, start from £199 per person per session. Prices are reduced for larger group sizes and block bookings.
Call Allan Donaldson on 07500 875789 for further information and bookings.