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Making a customer, not a sale

You do not fully realise the value of something until you have lost it. In my first sales job (over 20 years ago) I learned a very valuable and, at the time, painful lesson. Once I had secured the order, customers took second place to the other deals I was working on and needed to reach my quarterly sales target. I didn’t focus on developing and maintaining a customer relationship and this led directly to some customers deciding to go elsewhere.

Why did this happen? Quite simply I had spent time building a positive relationship and then didn’t invest any time in maintaining or nurturing our relationship. I hadn’t been loyal to my customers and therefore they (quite rightly) did not feel that they had to be loyal to me. I had expected all of my customers to keep buying from me and when they didn’t, I not only didn’t hit target, I was spending a huge amount of time and energy finding new customers to replace them. I quickly worked out that this was not the way to succeed.

From then on, I understood the true value of a customer and ensured that I focused an equal amount of time on maintaining the relationship as I did at developing it. The results were frankly amazing, I regularly exceeded sales targets and I thoroughly enjoyed my job.

I founded Total Sales Solutions to help businesses achieve growth through sales, but more importantly to implement a sales plan that creates and builds loyal customers and 3 years on, it’s still the cornerstone of the sales success we achieve for our clients.

A happy, valued customer will

  • Tell other people how pleased they are with you which may lead to referrals
  • See you as a partner and not just a sales person building trust and loyalty
  • Because they know and trust you, will buy more easily from you in the future
  • Will not entertain your competition as they value the relationship they have with you.

If you have a sales challenge that you would like solved then email or call me directly or you can post your question on the BWS website and I will be happy to help.

Tips to achieving loyal customers

  • Clearly define the type of relationship you want with your customers
  • Don’t make assumptions about what you think they want, be objective…even better, ask your customers!
  • Increasing the quality of relationship with your customers increases your value to them and creates a barrier to your competitors
  • Finally it’s 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to find a new one