Total Sales Solutions: Sales are the lifeblood of every business | Marie Rodgers

Total Sales Solutions


Sales are the lifeblood of every business including ours

Marie Rodgers, Director of Total Sales Solutions, has built a successful business by understanding each of her customers, the issues they face and the solutions they really need. TSS work with companies that know that they want to improve their sales but aren’t sure about ‘how’.

Knowing what you ‘want’ to achieve and ‘why’ you want to achieve it is important, but understanding ‘how’ you can achieve it is the difference between success and failure. Total Sales Solutions has embarked on a series of monthly workshops specially tailored to meet the needs of members of the legal and accountancy professions who are seeking to win new clients.

The carefully-structured courses are held at TSS’s headquarters at Park Lane House, Broad Street, Glasgow. Firms who take part in the sessions, which last from three to six months, can get a training grant of up to 50 per cent from Skills Development Scotland. The workshops come with a cast-iron guarantee of success underwritten by TSS founder and director Marie Rodgers. “Companies who take part in these courses will increase their sales performance. I’d return their money if they didn’t,” she pledges.

This impressive money-back offer is a measure of the confidence Marie has in herself and her team to help other businesses to succeed.

Although the workshops will run over several months, each one will last only three hours. “In my experience people can’t absorb much more information after that,” Marie explains. “And in three hours we can communicate a great deal. In particular we can offer insights into the dynamics of selling and promotion. The techniques we teach have a proven track record and they can be an enormous help to anyone seeking to grow their business. “And because they last only three hours people can attend our workshops and still have time to devote to their professional duties.”

“As well as offering practical advice at the workshops we will, crucially, provide additional support once our clients return to their office,” Marie explains. “If they need any assistance they can email me or phone me for advice.”

TSS is targeting the legal and accountancy sectors because research has shown that, in many cases, they are failing to maximise their earning potential and that they could boost income and profits with a tailor-made sales strategy.

“I discovered that some of my clients use more than one lawyer to perform different functions,” Marie says. “In many case one law firm would provide all the services they need. But it seems that legal and accountancy firms are not pro-active about promoting the services they can deliver. Through our workshops I want to help to change that. I also want to give the people who work in those sectors the skills to develop their client base.”

The aims of the workshop include

  1. teaching people how to find out what their customers want;
  2. advice on how to speak to customers in their own language;
  3. guidance on how people in search of new clients should introduce themselves;
  4. counselling on what to say after “hello” whether on the phone, in a face-to-face meeting or at a networking event;
  5. how and where to network.