Professional headshots by Julie Christie

Why you NEED a Professional Headshot for your Business by Julie Christie

Some friends and family make fun of the profile pictures I use on social media and my website. I don’t mind in the least and will have a giggle along with them.

I know how important they are for my business so no amount of ribbing will make me remove them.

We Scots are so shy about images of ourselves. We would often rather use profile images which make us look a bit daft or show us doing something funny. It shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously and, actually, I love this about the Scots.

This is all fine for our personal profiles.

However, if you own or run a business the importance of a good, professional headshot simply cannot be overemphasised.

In this day and age a great online presence can take your business to dizzy heights. Without one you will never reach your full business potential. But what makes a great online presence? Well that is another blog post (or ten), however…

One of the most important things you can and should do for your online business presence is to include a professional headshot of yourself. Yes, of YOU.

Think about it. Your best clients want to work with people not companies. When they see the person behind the business they automatically feel that they know you a little and trust is building before you have even met.

Seeing a face is so critical to establishing a connection. It is that all-important ‘first impression’ and, if it is a good one, then you have the edge over your competitors from the outset.


I see so many businesses using generic images and logos. Without headshots this can appear almost human-less. Your business identity or ‘brand’ is what will spur a client to get in touch. If you are a small business then your brand is effectively… YOU! A great logo is very important but it simply isn’t enough to build a brand. People want to see who is behind the business and they want to know how your business can help them. A good headshot of you (and your employees if you have them) is such a powerful professional tool. Do not underestimate the impact it can have on potential clients.


Imagine two business websites (or facebook pages) offering the same services in your area for a similar price. Who would you contact first? The one using a generic image OR the one with a great headshot of the very person you will be dealing with looking open, friendly and above all, professional.

I know who I would call.

When I see professional business headshots I immediately recognise that this person has invested, not only in their business, but in themselves. They care about the image they convey to clients and I, in turn, feel much more confident about hiring them.

Of course, a lot of this happens on a subconscious level. We are not always completely aware of the reasons we choose one business over another.

The subconscious plays a huge part in our decision-making – ignore it at your peril!

Having no headshots can project the wrong impression of your business to a client’s subconscious; You don’t take your business seriously, you are not keeping up with modern branding and marketing, you are not concerned about projecting your professionalism etc, etc. This may be completely wrong, however, it may be how you are perceived.

Like it or not, in today’s world having no professional headshots for your business is like turning up to a networking event without business cards. (I have actually done this by the way…)

As if this wasn’t enough to be thinking about. The headshot has to be right. A grainy IPhone picture just won’t do folks.


A business headshot is not about being attractive. It is about portraying confidence and professionalism. You may feel that you are not photogenic and that you won’t come across well to clients because you don’t like being in front of a camera.

This is where the professional photographer comes in.

A good photographer will want to know all about your business and its identity in the marketplace. They will want to know how you want to be perceived in your photographs. They will then use all of this to create images that not only make you look great and show your personality but also convey exactly the right business message to your potential clients.

More and more businesses are discovering the power of professional headshots. Don’t be left behind. Invest in your business and reap the rewards!

Why this blog post? Well, Business Headshot Packages are now part of my services. I am really excited about this and can’t wait to work with businesses keen to create dynamic images for their websites, social media pages and marketing material.

If you are already familiar with my style then you will know I am not a studio photographer. I like to get out and about and capture people in their own environment or on location. Images like these are vibrant and contemporary and just what you need in today’s very visual world.

My introductory Business Headshot Packages are just £300 for one person and include a photoshoot and a set of digital images to use as you please. A very small investment in your business which will increase conversion rates straight away.

I would love to read your comments on this. Do you think a professional headshot is important? Do you have one?

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