Koo-ee: new from Wylies

Quick Questions with

David Gallagher, MD of Wylies

We chat with Wylies, UK manufacturers of quality contract soft furnishings for the hospitality industry, about their new store Koo-ee.

When did Koo-ee begin?

Koo-ee opened its doors at the beginning of July 2016! It is part of the Wylies group which was established over 50 years ago by my Grandmother who manufactured for the soft furnishing industry. We have developed over the years and now work mainly in the hospitality industry servicing well known hotel brands, and have established the brand into the retail market.

What will give Koo-ee the edge from its competitors?

Koo-ee is a completely new concept. Not only will we offer exciting new fabric and gift ranges to the retail market, we will be set in fantastic surroundings along with our coffee and gift shop, and will be inviting interior designers, specifiers, architects and representatives to use our space as their own personal library. They can bring their design concepts to life here whilst offering their own clients refreshments from our coffee shop. We will display a huge range of available tracks from hand drawn to electric, different curtain headings from eyelets to French pleat, along with beautiful curtain displays, pelmets and headboards.

Have you always had a flair for the make up of soft furnishings? Was this always going to be your career?

Pretty much! I think it was in my blood from the day I was born. At that point my mum ran the very successful ‘Village Interior’ studio in East Kilbride, and my dad had ‘The Curtain Factory’. There are still pictures kicking about of me as a very small baby in a curtain trolley which worked successfully as a play pen, and my family still play a big part in the business. Mum will be my side kick in ‘Koo-ee’ whilst other family members are involved in the sales and manufacturing process.

wylies - loungeWhat project would be on your wish list?

From palaces in the Far East, to some of the most famous hotels in the world, to a small Glasgow flat, we pretty much have done it all. Each project large or small will be given the same attention to detail, so I’m happy to tackle any project.

Do you rely on word of mouth recommendations for new clients?

Word of mouth is always the perfect advert as it shows we are doing a good job, and we do have our fair share of that, but we also need to rely on advertising to show our products to a new audience.

What has been your favourite commission?

Two spring to mind – The Palaces of Doha and George V in Paris.

Most challenging aspect in setting up the business?

Probably dealing with the authorities who certainly do not make it easy to set up a new venture! Some days I felt like I was walking into a brick wall and couldn’t understand why they do not do more to encourage companies who are bringing employment and making improvements to an area.

Wylies will be exhibiting at BWS Live Event this coming October 11th at the Trades Hall Glasgow.

Find out more at Wylies website:  www.wylies.co.uk