RED tape and ever-changing legislation can be a serious problem with legal implications for many businesses.

To combat this, Company Policy Ltd is a new company set up specially to offer online, executive compliant business packs to help new and established companies operate efficiently thus avoiding potentially, crippling financial penalties that accompany legal breaches.

Monthly subscription packages are available to ensure all clients are kept up to date with any changes that new regulations may require.

These executive business packs contain all the documents needed and include service agreements, terms and conditions, compliance policies and much more.

Bespoke online business plans for individual companies have been developed that will include what businesses should do when it comes to issues such as debt recovery, grievance procedures, intellectual property and confidentiality.

“These expert packs have all the relevant information, guidance and help in one easily-followed location,” said Susan Wilson, who established Company Policy Ltd based in East Lothian this year, and has secured a Capital Venture investor for a long-term investment.

“There is no doubt that it can be a nightmare for new businesses, and even not-so-new ones, to get the advice and directions they need, especially as they change so regularly, adding to the confusion,” Susan said.

“It can be difficult for many businesses to ensure they operate within the law – or even know what the legal position is for them.

“One obvious example is compliance, which is at the heart of all businesses. In this respect, our packs will offer comprehensive information, giving companies all they need to know so they are compliant in their chosen area.”

In addition to a pack for Sole Traders, there are others for SMEs and Corporate Businesses plus an Employment Pack, a Landlord Pack and a Business Marketing Pack.

The pack for sole traders, for example, includes advice on Agreements/Terms of Business, Employment Applications, Debt Letter Templates and costs £250.

“Business strategy and controls, and following correct procedures will help companies operate to the highest levels of quality and service,” said Susan.

“No-one can put a price on issues such as compliance, correct customer procedures, health and safety issues and employment regulations. Our packs will help businesses avoid potential HMRC and Companies House Penalties.

“Company Policy packs are detailed but designed in such a way as to make them easy to follow, so any size of business can use them in the full knowledge they will be trading legally – and with that comes peace of mind.”

Pamela Shearer and Shelley Black, with expertise in HR regulations, policies and procedures and digital documentation, respectively, were also involved in establishing the company.

“All of us at Company Policy Ltd mean business when it comes to helping businesses function legally,” said Susan.

“We’ve seen how issues with compliance and constantly-changing legislation can tie up businesses, large and small, new or established. It’s all very confusing so we wanted to do something that would really help.”

Early feedback on the packs, officially launched at the start of August, has been positive.