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Some people find themselves just ‘falling into’ a career but for Norwegian
Eline Pedersen, her interests led the way: “I grew up on an organic farm in Norway and have always been very interested in health and wellness. Even in school I was reading about herbalism and, from a young age, did courses in massage and aromatherapy. I’ve always been about trying to live a healthy lifestyle; it’s part of what I am.”

Eline worked in a chiropractic clinic in Norway but when it came to further education she was torn between her two passions: midwifery and chiropractic. Her entrepreneurial spark – “there wasn’t an option to be an independent midwife and it was important for me to, one day, work for myself” – made the decision and she started the study of chiropractic sciences.

Eline continued: “From my work in Norway I knew how important chiropractic was during pregnancy and labour. It gave me ideas about the birthing world and I wanted to supply something different. I knew I’d be able to help pregnant women and still bring midwifery into my work. I do have a passion for pregnancy. I want babies to have the right start in life.”

In 2004, after graduating as an MSc Doctor of Chiropractic, she joined Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic. Several years later a mutual agreement led to Eline taking over the clinic from her mentor, Dr Kenneth Bramberg. She was determined to continue the excellent reputation and has grown the practice from four staff to twelve – as well as recently opening a second premises in one of Aberdeen’s prime oil and gas business parks.

“Everything is word of mouth, whether clients recommend us or we spread the word. GPs, health visitors and midwives tend to be middle men so it’s important for us to educate the health profession about how we can give support to their clients. Lack of knowledge prevents them from referring so it’s our responsibility to get the message out there.”

The message certainly seems to be making its way out there: “More and more people come to us as they’re not getting answers about what’s wrong with them; whether it’s back pain, headaches, pregnancy or something else. Rather than a diagnosis, we focus on detoxing the body and getting people physically, mentally and emotionally back to health. For example, children may suffer from reflux, constipation or sleeping problems. Instead of saying we’ll treat the issue we could focus on restoring spinal function and, generally, we see the symptoms disappear.”

The philosophy continues at home too. Eline met her husband while studying and he now works with her at the clinic: “We live the philosophy; the children too. In fact, other than my business success, one of my biggest achievements is giving birth to my second son non-assisted and at home. It was very a profound moment, particularly because of what I do as a profession. It gave me real empowerment as a woman.”