About Us

Business Women Scotland is an independent contract publishing and network company,
delivering innovative and award-winning publications. We also run networking events and
masterclasses for women in business.

Publishing includes consumer and staff magazines, newsletters and our bi monthly publication
Business Women Scotland magazine.

We can work as publishers, designers, project managers, editors or purely as writers
and provide a tailored service for each client on a personal level, creating effective and targeted publications.

Business Women Scotland readership:

Here is our collated information with regards to the Business Women Scotland magazine

  • Professional business women age from 30 – 55
  • Working full time
  • Married / have children
  • More of a disposable income but still likes value for money .
  • Aware of their appearance, looking and feeling good.
  • Juggling work and motherhood, value downtime, spa breaks and will spend on
  • non evasive cosmetic work.


Please contact Lynne Kennedy
E: lynne@bwsltd.co.uk or
T: 0141 332 8801