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Founder, Lynne Kennedy MBE, pictured above


Business Women Scotland is an organisation founded 11 years ago dedicated to helping women find support and networking opportunities to allow them to strengthen their business. We produce a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to women in business and run a series of Roadshow events and awards to celebrate and empower women in business while tackling the gender gap in enterprise.
Founder Lynne Kennedy MBE is passionate about creating opportunities for women in Scottish businesses to grow and develop.
“Our aim is to give women the support and encouragement to make their mark in the world of business in innovative and groundbreaking ways. We want to recognise and celebrate the success of female entrepreneurship while shaping the agenda for equality.”
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BWS provide a wide range of benefits which help support our members achieve their business goals, strengthen their business relationships and provide a platform for learning & developing through our Business Roadshows and our Programme for Business Growth.

BWS also host two separate annual Awards – Women in Business Awards and the Women in Hospitality and Tourism Awards. These events are crucial in promoting the amazing contribution that women in business make to our economy.

BWS publishes a bi-monthly magazine, promoting women in business, BWS hosts business lunches and online groups to promote collaboration amongst Scottish women in business.

BWS launched their new membership programme in 2019 to create a community of women in business with helpful information and tools to grow your business.