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On a beach, by a pool, under the moonlight for that romantic dinner…we’ll feel great because we’re on holiday, 2017 style. But we need to give some thought about our crowning glory too with some pre-departure planning to help ensure your hair – especially its colour is tip top. If you normally have your hair highlighted or coloured you can leave it up to 48 hours before you head off into the sun. That gives it time to “settle” and be at its optimum when you arrive, ready to relax. Today’s quality – and that’s the keyword – colour products in-salon come in a vast range of colour tones – especially if you’re a blonde. Recent introduction of what we’d call ultimate blonde or ‘supercool blonde’ colour products allow the professional colour technician to deliver fantastic looks. These results last even longer, don’t turn brassy and can lift up to nine shades lighter – giving what could be described as a Swedish blonde’ hair appearance, a look that can deliver a real wow factor.


Your big break could signal time for a change. Why not take plunge and ask your stylist for a new look before a holiday? It could be the extra boost your image is needing. A sharp cut should make hair care easier and quicker on your break – so you’ve more time to kick back and relax. A great cut can wipe the years off your image and if you’ve been working out pre holiday it will help boost your confidence as you parade around the pool or along the beach. To achieve the best result, your stylist should assess your head/face/shoulders’ shape to get a balanced and bespoke end result.


So you’ve packed the SPF for your body and face but what about your hair and head? It’s important to consider your hair and scalp as an extension of your face. It is – so treat it as such and use a good quality hair and scalp protector when you’re in the sun. We’re all aware of the damage the sun can cause to our skin – it can also play havoc with the follicles and send our colour in directions we don’t want to see.


If there’s one ‘must-do’ when you’re on holiday it’s to condition and protect your hair whenever you’re swimming as the sea salt or the chlorine can play havoc. Whenever you come out of the water try to swim and re-apply the protection products.


Consider investing in a good in-salon conditioning treatment such as Kerastase Fusio-Dose before you head off. These are intensive conditioning treatments, specifically prepared to suit your hair’s current condition and requirements. Such in-salon treatments can last up to two or three weeks and make a significant difference so perfect for when you’re away.

If you don’t opt for a pre-departure conditioning treatment, then once on holiday when you’re shampooing and conditioning your hair pop on a plastic shower camp or a plastic bag carefully over your conditioned and wet hair. The heat in the shower and the plastic will help intensify and re-moisture what can be extremely dried out hair after sun exposure.

Invest in good haircare to cope with your holiday heat and sunshine.


We always recommend you use specialist haircare products in the sun. They’ll have UV filters and will offer protection from frizziness. Check out the Schwarzkopf BC SUN PROTECT summer range – see photo – that’s specially devised to help. The hair care range gives triple sun protection and in-depth after-sun reconstruction with an amazing glamour appeal.


Use a silicone blow dry lotion in place of your usual mousse when drying your hair. It will help keep it looking fantastic – even after a day exposed to the sun’s rays (so long as you’ve used the relevant protection, of course!). Enjoy your break ladies!

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