Semi-permanent Makeup


Semi-Permanent Make up with Mrs Makeup

We chat with Barbara Cameron from Mrs Makeup. Back in 2012, Barbara Cameron finally put her lifelong passion into practice and learned the art of semipermanent makeup.  Having a makeup artistry and beauty background for over 15 years previous to this, helped Barbara not only understand just how face changing great makeup can be, but also how to create technically perfect brows that will flatter and define any face.

Q:  What is semi-permanent makeup? 
Semi-permanent makeup is small particles of pigment that are placed under the skin. It is implanted using a digital tattoo machine. We never use traditional ink, as the healed results of ink are much more block and solid looking. We use specially formulated pigments that heal more “sheer” so that they mimic soft, natural, makeup – not harsh tattoo. Pigments will fade over time, but never leave your system entirely.

feature-image-thumbnail-mrs-makeupQ:  Is the treatment painful?
The treatment isn’t painful if done correctly. We use a gentle numbing cream before the procedure, and if implanted correctly, the most pain you will feel is a light scratching. That evening the area will feel mildly sunburned. Our clients often comment that plucking of stray eyebrow hairs is more painful that the actual tattoo.

Q:  Can anyone have semi-permanent makeup?
There are certain people that will not be able to have semi-permanent makeup due to medical reasons, however we will always carry out a full medical questionnaire before proceeding. Results can vary depending on your skin type, for example, very oily skin can have problems retaining colour. Again, we will always discuss the predicted outcomes for you personally before the treatment begins.

Q:  What are the main things to look out for when choosing a tattooist?
Hygiene is obviously hugely important. Do not be afraid to ask questions around this, making sure the technician opens a freshly wrapped and sterilized needle in front of you. All technicians must be licenced by their council to carry out this treatment. Anyone offering to come to your home will not be licenced to do so, and you could be putting your health at risk. Checking out a back catalogue of their work will help you decide if you like the style of work they can produce.

Q: Semi-permanent makeup is massively popular at the moment, what advice would you give someone looking to train in semi-permanent makeup?
When choosing a training provider, make sure that they will offer you ongoing support after you have completed your course. This is a difficult skill to learn and you will have many questions and need constant mentoring and advice. Also ask to see the trainers work that you will be learning from. You can only be as good and as knowledgeable as your teacher. We have an outstanding record of successful students that have learned from us and have helped them start their very own businesses from scratch!

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