BWS/WES Awards highlight the achievements of a growing number of business women in Scotland. These women richly deserve recognition and we hope that hearing of their business journey will inspire more women to step forward and achieve their business aspirations.

Listed are the winners for the first collaborative awards for #BWSWESAwards 26.10.2017

Our Speakers

Jessica Butcher, Co-Founder of Blippar

Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO of Virgin Money

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland


Start Up Business of the Year

The winner is Sara Roberts from Healthy Nibbles

The winner of this award is aiming high, looking to push her brand to be a ‘game changer’ within their industry. They recognise that positive results from their business can not only meet their customers demand but also have a ripple effect of improving the workplace and well being of their customers employees. Their planning was well thought out, showing a focus on each aspect of the business and a real opportunity to scale it up to a national brand. They had everything you could look for in a start up.

Social Media Winner

The winner is Kirsty Lunn from Molke Ltd

The winner showed a fantastic mix of creativity and tenacity in their social media campaign. They used social media to push their crowdfunding campaign and the results were incredible. They met their target within 10 days but more importantly, garnered a loyal following who are now regular customers. By harnessing the power of social media, their campaign created great interest, engagement and allowed them to pursue their overall business goals. And all of this was done with a wonderful sense of humour!

Employer of the Year

The winner is Stephanie Stubbs from Hickory

The winner in this category has an outstanding record of employing talented women in their business. In 2017, 5 of the 8 senior managers were women under 40 and 65% of permanent employees are women. Mentoring is key as is identifying key employees and promoting from within. Diversity and equality is at their core as part of their business objectives and this sustained focus has enabled the company to grow and prosper.

International Growth

The winner is Dianne Teo from T30 Fitness Training

The winner has developed into a truly international brand conducting training courses in 14 countries in the space of 4 months. Their instructors can be found as far away as Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Nepal and Poland. They showed a steady and impressive growth in revenue and their programmes have been used at not just fitness clubs but in the NHS and even the Philppine police force


The winner is Clair Smith from Enterprise Eastern Perthshire

The winner worked with a young business from the very beginning, gently questioning, supporting and accompanying them on their journey. They frequently asked questions that their mentee would not have thought of and was often the catalyst or ‘push’ that was required. Their mentee is quoted as saying that she ‘always left our meetings feeling energised, supported and ready to move my business forward’.


Growth Business of the Year

The winner is Jo-Anne Chidley from Beauty Kitchen UK

The winner showed that they lived and breathed their product and their target market. Their insights into who bought and their products and why was reflected in the high retention rate of customers and year on year growth. They showed that the growth they are aiming can be realised with the correct investment in both their products and their people, enabling them to bring this cult brand to even more markets.


Business Woman of the Year

Our winner is Marie Macklin from Macklin Enterprise Partnerships

The winner of this category proved to be an amazing all rounder. Not only showing true leadership and vision within her business role but also contributing massively to the business community as a whole. Her list of accomplishments are truly outstanding. She was the founder of an investment fund investing in start up and scale up businesses and has tirelessly supported her local community. Including working with women and young people to instil a “can do” attitude, particularly in terms of career and business aspirations.  A board member for the Women’s Business Mentoring Partnership, for the Scottish Property federation and for East Ayrshire Council Business Leaders Enterprise in Schools. She was awards a CBE in 2014 for services to Economic Regeneration and Entrepreneurship in Scotland. And these are just a few of her many accomplishments.

Business of the Year

The winner is Evelyn Toma from Re-Tek UK

Lifetime Achievement Award

The winner of the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award is Jackie Brierton


Entertainment from Sharon Martin a singer and songwriter to the stage who performed her Scottish Women’s Anthem ‘Girl”