The Confidence Lab

 BWS Live Event Edinburgh Confidence Lab


Anna Bell, Coach

10.10am – 10.30am

“Falling down is part of life…getting back up is living” (Unknown)

Have you noticed how much talk there is about resilience nowadays? What does it mean, why might we need to develop it, and how do we do that?  This talk will offer insights on what resilience is, how we think, feel and behave when things get challenging, and how we can boost our resilience to navigate through change and develop a deeper level of personal growth.

Anna is a coach and consultant who brings a breadth and depth of personal and professional experience from over 20 years of working in people development and change. By sharing her own story and passion for fulfilling potential, Anna will outline some key elements from her work with individual and group clients to give you a special opportunity to rediscover your own resilience.



Dawn Walton, Think it Change it

2.20pm – 2.40pm

Our brains need a software upgrade. They are working on outdated rules for survival that come from the caveman days. In this talk, learn how these caveman rules of survival get in the way of your day to day life; whether in business or your personal life. Learn how to be aware of these limitations and overcome them to be better at public speaking, in a sales negotiation, or at an interview.  And be the best that you can be!

Dawn Walton is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Author and Public Speaker. Her company is Think it, Change it. She has offices in Dundee and Aberdeen, and also does around 50% of her therapy online via Skype and Facetime. She has a passion for changing the way we think about the way we think. In her book, The Caveman Rules of Survival, she explains why we are all screwed up – and what you can do about it!