The Confidence Lab

 BWS Live Event Edinburgh Confidence Lab


Kirsty Mac, Leadership Styled

10.40am to 11.00am

Sometimes in the business world we may find ourselves wanting to give people a wedgie.  Or we find everyone focussing on B2B and B2C and forgetting H2H – human to human interaction.  This talk will give you insights into how your mind works, belief in the ability to challenge in conversations and the confidence to be yourself in any business (wedgies are at your own discretion).  Our mind can often work for us and, sometimes, against us – understanding the different parts of it gives us an awareness and tools to control it.  We shall also look at body language and the impact that can have on our communication!   All in 20 minutes!

Kirsty Mac is a speaker and leadership designer and consultant for top global companies.  She works with individuals and businesses in conferences, coaching and designing and delivering programmes. She uses psychology of sport and business in a lot of her talks, being lucky enough to work with some top Olympians and sports psychologists.  Her background is in sales – her last proper job was selling Barbie dolls – her further studies have been in psychology, NLP, Bioenergetics and Emergenetics.   She is also the owner of &Copper Scribbles – a lifestyle stationery brand – mainly because she loves stationery (who doesn’t)!  And in her spare time she is studying to be a yoga teacher.



5 tips to release your own personal cheerleader

Stella Milsom, Yellow Balloon

2.20pm to 2.40pm

We operate in a complex and demanding world where there is nothing as constant as change. We may be the agent of our own change, following our dreams, setting up our own businesses, seeking promotion, becoming parents. Even though we want the change, sometimes we can have wobbles of confidence on the way.  Change can also feel like it is being done to us.  When organisational change, redundancy, changes in teams happen, life can throw us a curved ball and we have to think about the unthinkable.  However change is happening for you, being well and resilient is a key to success and a positive outcome for you.  You have more resources than you think.

Stella Milsom is an experienced change and programme manager with almost 20 years of senior management  experience.   Now running her own Positive Birthing and Confidence Coaching business Stella uses her Business  experience and skills as a hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner to deliver personal and executive coaching  to leaders, teams and organisations.  Stella, will share with you some ways you can build your own confidence boosting toolkit and release your own personal cheerleader when you need her.   Where your mind goes, your body will follow.