The Discussion Stage

 BWS Live Event Edinburgh Discussion


Jane Gotts, GenAnalytics

1.50pm – 2.10pm

Dr Lesley Sawers recently authored a review into the role and contribution of women to the Scottish economy.  Jane Gotts, a Partner at GenAnalytics Ltd, an economic research and innovation consultancy focusing on workplace equality and diversity, played a key role in contributing to the review.

What did they learn? Does gender related activity work? Is equality being achieved in the workplace? What is the impact of an ageing female workforce? Join us for this discussion with Jane, hosted by Rachel McTavish.

Jane is currently a Strategic Advisor to Solutions Driven on their international business activity and Entrepreneurial Scotland on their commercial development strategy, and has recently acted as the Adviser to the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee at the Scottish Parliament for their inquiry into Internationalising Scotland’s Businesses which reported in May 2015.  Previously Jane was Director of International Business Development at Glasgow Caledonian University, and prior to that she spent 10 years at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.