Gaining Business with Superfast Speeds


The ability to access broadband and mobile coverage throughout the country is vital to a stronger economy and a fairer Scotland. Which is why the Scottish Government with its partners, is committed to delivering 100% superfast broadband by 2021.

The roll-out of fibre broadband to homes and businesses around the country will reach 95% by the end of 2017, when combined with existing commercial roll-out plans. This follows an investment of more than £410 million in the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB) programme.

The DSSB programme will bring faster internet speeds and increased access to premises in Scotland as it builds on existing infrastructure to access areas currently not covered by commercial plans.

Thanks to strong take up figures, thousands more premises throughout Scotland are set to benefit by the end of 2018 with an additional £17.9 million reinvested back into the DSSB programme.

Increased bookings from new business trade

Inchture Hotel, a family owned country hotel, set four miles from Dundee has seen trade grow following their upgrade to fibre broadband. Owned by husband and wife team Stef and Jack Kelly-Barton since 1999, the hotel is now entering an exciting new phase in its development, thanks to superfast broadband. The hotel has a superb position by the main road connecting Dundee to Perth. Now they can offer superfast WiFi, they can fully capitalise on the convenient location and target business and conference trade that would otherwise remain in the city.

WiFi a must

“For businesses looking to hold meetings or conferences, the availability of superfast WiFi is a must,says Stef. “Without it, I am sure we must have lost out on some bookings in the past. Since we installed fibre broadband in Spring 2016, our bookings have soared.”

Superfast Scotland in Inchture. – Inchture Hotel proprietor, Stef Kelly-Barton.

Capitalising on superfast speeds

Stef adds that previously, they were on an Exchange Only line so they were delighted to be able to connect to fibre broadband. “We now enjoy a reliable superfast connection of 70 Mbs download and 18 Mbps upload.”

Easier and faster

Stef and Jack are also enjoying saving valuable time on everyday business operations. Stef says: “It is amazing. Quite simply, everything is quicker and easier.”

Key points to note:

  • Due to the scale and complexity of the task at hand, it’s not possible to connect all areas at once.
  • Both the current commercial and DSSB roll-outs won’t be complete until the end of this year and the DSSB extended build will continue to roll-out until the end of 2018.
  • To find out where and when fibre broadband will roll-out in your area visit
  • You’ll need to contact your service provider to switch to fibre broadband as this doesn’t happen automatically.
  • Beyond the current programme, the Scottish Government has made the commitment of delivering 100% superfast broadband across Scotland by 2021.‎
  • Some residents may be eligible for a subsidised basic broadband installation; designed to provide a better broadband connection for those on the lowest speeds ahead of any future public investment in superfast broadband. Further information: