HR 2017 – what next?

HR 2017 – What next?

What will Brexit mean for future employment law and the ability of business to recruit the right skills? How can business minimise the occurrence of short term absence? What are the current time off provisions for employees with families?

For business, dealing with HR and employment law within the current climate can be particularly challenging. Failure to comply with employment law can be costly, with recent payouts costing some firms more than £500,000. Obligations under employment law are more extensive than simply ensuring the correct contract is in place. Business requires to regularly review its HR practice, policy and procedure to ensure compliance. Donna, Elaine, Catherine and Claire from Empire tell BWS what managers need to look out for in 2017.

Donna Gibb, Operations Director
donna-gibb-photo“Our team at Empire are a balance of HR and Employment Law professionals, ensuring our clients have current information on employment case law and HR research. We regularly work with leadership teams within business to develop appropriate HR policies to support the organisational culture and provide clarity to managers on their HR responsibilities. Ensuring these policies are implemented and embedded into the organisation and audited regularly is critical. We expect to see more managers recognising that open communication between employers and employees can go a long way towards attaining an engaged and motivated workforce.”

Catherine Wilson, Team Lead

empire-catherine-wilson-photo“Business managers are often too busy to worry about the latest changes in employment law – but that is our job! Over the last year, we have seen more employment law cases featuring discrimination. Managers need to think carefully when it comes to recruitment, staff development and redundancies, to ensure the right skills are attracted and retained within the business and exposure to costly tribunal claims is mitigated. Taking professional advice can save businesses substantial sums – not just when dealing with foreign workers or discrimination claims but also when dealing with TUPE, conduct, performance and redundancies.”

Elaine Masson, Head of Workplace Mediation and Development

empire-elaine-masson-photo“In an increasingly busy world, the potential for conflict at work is escalating and impacting on wellbeing and engagement. Mediation can support business to resolve workplace disputes, including breakdowns in working relationships, personality conflicts and team conflict. Where workplace conflict is left to fester, a solution can be difficult to attain, while early intervention tends to have far greater results. Incorporating informal dispute resolution into HR processes can support business in finding a satisfactory resolution on a timely basis.”

Claire Buchan, Business Development Manager

empire-claire-buchan-photo“Uncertainty in the market resulting from local factors combined with Brexit worries are compounding daily challenges for businesses. Many organisations now have a mandate to ‘do more with less’, and this is where our consultancy services can be called upon at short notice. Empire’s approach to HR Consultancy is commercially focused and outcome based, with a commitment to knowledge transfer to clients. We only stay for as long as we are required, with managers being left with the best tools and mechanisms in place. Although, often the most exciting work sees us getting involved early at a strategic planning level. Careful recruitment and selection of our core staff and dedicated consultants uniquely positions us to deliver swift solutions at all levels.”

Empire Directors (L-R) PJ Chalmers, Donna Gibb, Steve Cook.

Empire Directors (L-R) PJ Chalmers, Donna Gibb, Steve Cook.

Empire provides expert HR, employment law and HSEQ support and consultancy to organisations throughout the UK. The company’s exceptional service gives peace of mind to the client, knowing they are fully supported by a highly experienced team of HR/HSEQ advisors and lawyers, as well as a barrister led litigation team.

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