Keeping Children Safe Online – What You Need to Know

The internet is an amazing place however it is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep track of the latest apps and trends. That’s why the NSPCC has partnered with O2 on our Share Aware campaign which helps parents and guardians to protect children when they are online.

Be Share Aware

Share Aware provides a range of advice and tools for parents to help them talk about and explore their child’s online world with them, and to enable them to agree boundaries and ways to manage any issues that may arise.

Recent NSPCC and O2 research found that 80% of children think social media companies are not doing enough to protect them, making the role of parents even more important in keeping them safe from online abuse. 

The campaign advises that having regular conversations with children and young people about what they’re doing online is the best way to keep them safe. Parents will be able to spot any problems, encourage young people to come to them if they’re worried and make sure they know what’s ok to share online – and what’s not. 

Another tip is to create a family agreement, agree on some ground rules together and regularly review what you’ve agreed. This will help children understand what behaviour is appropriate when they’re online and they’ll know who they can turn to if they are ever worried about anything they see or do.

Use our Net Aware tool

The NSPCC and O2 have also created Net Aware, a tool which provides advice, news and ratings on 39 of the most popular social media sites, apps and games that young people use. While most people are familiar with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, they may not be as familiar with Omegle and Kik.

3 tips to help start the conversation

  • Explore sites and apps together and talk about any concerns.
  • Ask your child if they know how to stay safe online.
  • Talk about personal information and what to share online.

Watch Safety Advice from A 10 Year Old

As part of the Share Aware campaign, a new animation ‘Safety advice from a 10 year old’ featuring the voice of Catherine Tate has been created to highlight that it’s just as important to teach children about online safety as offline safety. To children, online life is real life but as parents it can be difficult to keep track of what they’re doing in this constantly changing world.

Information and support

A range of resources are available to parents and guardians to enable them to become experts in their child’s online world. All information is available at

For advice and support on setting up parental controls, adjusting privacy settings, understanding social networks and more – call the O2 and NSPCC online safety helpline – 0808 800 5002, or make an appointment to see an O2 Guru in store.