Unlocking the key: Christine McGrory and Lauren Taylor



Entrepreneur and scientist Christine McGrory’s creation of ‘The Key’ to health, wealth and happiness comes after merging her yoga-inspired spiritual Eastern philosophies about abundance and growth with her scientific curiosity about visualisation and her business experience: “Science now backs up the spiritual theories. People are becoming more aware of how they can affect their own outcomes and more open to empowering their own development. They’re searching for meaning and purpose.”

Her world class leadership potential was sparked during her University years while her entrepreneurial flair was unlocked when she moved from a successful career as Sales and Operations Director to establish a network of childcare centres. From there, she flourished. Christine sold the childcare arm of the business and set up a sales and marketing consultancy, transforming organisations through vision, values and strategy. To top it off, Christine received recognition from the Queen in 2000 for her work in the community and was voted one of Scotland’s most influential women in 2006 by the Herald.

These successes fired up Christine’s ambition and, a natural progression from her corporate consultancy, she created The Key, an inspired personal and business development programme. She launched in 2010 and, after an overwhelming response, franchised it, and is now capturing the hearts and imagination of people UK-wide
“It was always my intention to franchise. It’s exhausting if people only want you, the founder. The business is about The Key and how the process can help you, not just Christine McGrory and what she can do for you. Franchising is a great commercial model too. I wanted to work with dynamic people who embraced the philosophies. I look for people with an interest in personal growth, a commercial mindset and a clear entrepreneurial spark; someone I know our clients will find inspiring but not out of reach.”

“The Key is different to most personal development programmes where a ‘positive thinking guru’ motivates you. The Key comes from within. It’s a catalyst to unlock the potential within each and every one of us. We just help people discover and unlock it.”

The Key consists of three-steps; helping participants define what they really want, give their vision the appropriate focus, energy and attention required and, finally, develop a belief in yourself and your vision. This is The Creation Process®.

It has been embraced and implemented by individuals and corporates alike, with Christine working with many of Scotland’s Top 100 Companies. And this year The Key New Generation, aimed towards people aged between 16 and 24, was developed by Christine’s daughter, Megan.

Of course, Christine’s own development is still a firm focus and in autumn she will launch her book, ‘Grace’. The book is a novel about a synchronistic encounter with an mysterious, old lady that takes Grace on an extraordinary life transforming adventure. “Grace” transports the reader to inner and outer space where science, spirituality and creation meet and presents a sequence of simple, yet powerful, philosophies, that when understood and practised, has the potential to change your life forever.”


Lauren discovered The Key in 2011, and was immediately drawn to The Keys philosophies and creative format. Embracing The Key into her own life and witnessing the benefits of this, becoming the first franchisee in Glasgow seemed like a very natural progression. Since then Lauren has quickly expanded The Key by franchising in Renfrewshire and Ayrshire.

“I first became aware of The Key through a synchronistic meeting with The Founder, Christine McGrory. I had been creating space in my life for “something else”. Although at the time I wasn’t quite sure what that would be, I knew that I wanted to make a contribution to helping people create a better life. I believe it was that desire and intention which led me to The Key.

After meeting Christine, my first step was to attend The Key Weekend Course, and then commit to the 6-month Unlock Mentoring programme that follows. I also invited Christine into my health and fitness business to work with my team of coaches and applying The Key philosophies the business and flourished both personally and professionally.
Shortly after this, I received a personal invitation from Christine to attend an event about becoming a franchisee of The Key. After a little self-doubt and a lot of deliberating I accepted her invitation. I listened to the opportunity and very quickly I knew intuitively that this was my “something else”. I became Founding Franchisee of The Key in Glasgow and Renfrewshire, launching in, October 2012 to an overwhelming response.

I now teach “The Creation Process” which is the heart of The Key Courses and Unlock Mentoring Programme four times a year. At every single event, I have witnessed people experience a very real and powerful shift by learning and working with The Key Philosophies. I love watching people grow and prosper by implementing the teachings in their lives and businesses. Once mastered, The Creation Process will help you create anything you want, whether that be success, happiness, love, health, wealth and abundance. I am now using these practices to expand my Key franchise business and recently expanded launching The Key into the new franchise territory of Ayrshire.

Having spent 8 years working in the fitness industry, Christine also saw the opportunity for me to use my expertise and skills to help develop a brand new programme, The Key to Health & Wellbeing. Having seen for myself the impact of today’s busy lifestyle making us more and more out of balance and our lack of self care is costing us dearly, I believe this programme will have a real and positive for Scotland’s health story. This is really exciting for me as I know that when we choose to live in alignment with nature, we flourish, become, energised, happy, healthy, lighter and well. This is exactly what the simple 8 Step Key to Health & Wellbeing Plan delivers.

Today, I feel very grateful every day to be working with both of my passions, The Key and now The Key to Health and Wellbeing. Working in alignment with what I love and believe in, and the opportunity to work with the most incredibly positive people, allows me to experience balance, freedom and a sense of purpose.

What’s next in my Key vision? Well, I feel very privileged to be part of The Key, sharing its inspiring message and helping Christine to deliver this transformational programme across the UK.