Leadership & Development



Bridget McCann

Bridget McCann is a presentation and communication skills trainer, who uses actors’ tips to help you learn to communicate confidently and effectively – without the drama.

Her talk will help you:

  • Gain confidence in your abilities, learn how to present yourself and consider how others see you, from presentation skills to what to wear.
  • Deepening your self-awareness of your ‘presence’ as a female leader; who you are and how you come across to others.
  • Achieving your professional goals through a greater ability to positively influence those you work with.



Liz Hoskin, Chief Radiator, Positive Qualities

We will explore the archetypal ways women lead, and help you find the best way to lead by learning to adapt your behaviour to have greater presence.

Liz Hoskin is the Chair of the Scottish board for the Chartered Management Institute, a Chartered Manager, and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.  Her passion is to promote heart centred leadership with the many clients she works with at Positive Qualities.



Kay Davidson, Style Director and Co-Founder, Alicia Kay Style

We all know the importance that the right 1st impression can make, but what about everyday after that? As leaders in business all of those other days spent at work should be equally important. I believe that women of all shapes, sizes and ages should understand the power that clothes have on how you FEEL, not simply look. The psychology of clothing and what we wear has a huge impact both on our performance and our ability to inspire confidence in others. Getting to understand and make the most of your personal branding helps you do that.  If you know you look good, you confidence is enhanced, and this will be reflected positively in your body language and self belief.  My talk will give you all some inspiration to boost your style as well as tips and tricks to help you look like a leader, and be the most fabulous version of you, everyday.

Kay Davidson is a hands-on award winning designer whose specialty is the corporate business wear market. She has designed ranges of clothing to create new identities and strengthen the brand image of a wide variety of prestigious clients internationally.  She is a graduate of Herriot Watt University, and initially worked in fashion for five years before being invited to design her first corporate project. She is passionate about teaching and empowering men and women through the clothes that they wear, whilst raising awareness of the true cost and damage caused by the over consumption of fast fashion.




Ann Brown, Happy Being You

Have you ever avoided speaking up in a meeting even though you know you’ve got something valuable to contribute?

Are you a business owner, who’s finding it hard to attract clients, because you’re just too nervous about getting ‘out there’ to promote your business?

Do you ever get the sense that you’re just not fulfilling your potential?

Then come along and listen to this inspiring talk!

During my session, you will learn about my Overcoming F.E.A.R. formula, so you can start to:

  • Avoid fear getting in your way, and start to fulfil your true potential.
  • Say an easy ‘YES!’ to new opportunities that come your way.
  • Thrive in business or in your career – with your fears safely dealt with.

Ann Brown, founder of Happy Being You, is an entrepreneur, highly sensitive introvert and the UK’s leading expert on overcoming the fear of visibility for introverts in business.   She is a passionate role model and guiding light for heart-centred introverts who struggle with getting ‘out there’ with their business, and who want to step into their power so they can make the difference in the world they are here to make.   Her clients describe her as a ‘steel fist in a velvet glove’; gentle and sensitive yet always making sure they get the results they want.  Ann is an authentic and inspiring speaker, with an important message to share; that no matter how scared you are to be visible, you can learn how to get out of your own way, attract paying clients and make a powerful impact on those you are called to serve.



Marianne Meehan, Alterity

Managers and owners need to move from working in the business to working on the business. How can this be achieved when managers feel that they don’t have the skills and support to do this? Sound familiar?

Myths about Strategy

  • Only senior executives can do strategy
  • Strategy is painful and arduos
  • Strategy is scary
  • Strategy is a one off event
  • SWOT is a strategy
  • A strategic plan:
    • is only shared with senior management
    • will automatically produce results
    • is not required in an organisation if things are getting done and the organisation is making progress

This session will give you an insight into a time efficient, participative (and anonymous) process that can be delivered to any level throughout an organisation. The outcome for the organisation is a strategy produced in a few hours by engaging participants to have an equal say, controlling for dominant voices and political influence which in turn gains participant commitment therefore increasing the probability of implementation.

Marianne is co-founder and Director of Alterity, providing a fast and effective way to improve strategy implementation and performance. Marianne has extensive experience and international exposure across multiple sectors and is a successful business transformation leader with a first class MBA specialising in Strategy.  Marianne has developed business models and strategic options, providing vision, clarity and support throughout to stakeholders across different disciplines. Marianne’s project management and change implementation expertise has benefited many organisations particularly in the logistics and business operations areas returning high profits and margins, ensuring staff retention and building brands throughout Scotland, the UK and internationally.