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Barbara Cameron, Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist

12.00noon to 12.20pm

Barbara Cameron owns Mrs Makeup, a successful semi-permanent makeup clinic and training school based in the heart of Glasgow.

Barbara will talk to us about the ever growing trend that is semi-permanent makeup, her experience on choosing the correct treatment for you and how semi-permanent makeup can both empower and boost confidence in women.

Back in 2012, Barbara Cameron finally put a lifelong passion into practice and learned the art of semi-permanent makeup.  Having a makeup artist and beauty background for over 15 years previous to this, helped Barbara not only understand just how face changing makeup can be, but also how to create technically perfect brows that will flatter and define any face.

In 2013, “Mrs Makeup” was born and has gone from strength to strength! Barbara’s passion for her work, speaks volumes and she has thousands of customers that are only too happy to tell anyone that “Mrs Makeup” is the place to go for semi-permanent makeup.  In 2014, Mrs Makeup was asked to hold regular clinics in Harley Street, London.  This allowed us to reach our followers all over the UK which has helped strengthen our brand. 

Following the success of both Glasgow and London clinics, Mrs Makeup opened Scotland’s largest Semi Permanent Makeup Training School where we currently offer a wide range of courses for both beginners and experienced technicians. 

Through constant learning, Barbara continues to broaden her portfolio of skills from medical tattooing to laser removal and colour correction making her an expert in her field.

Our company ethos is to treat all of our clients with an open and honest policy, we will never rush you and will provide you with aftercare and advice.  We are a warm and friendly clinic who genuinely care.