Margot Paton: Interior Design Expert

Interiors expert, Margot Paton of Glasgow based Chelsea Mclaine uses her creative flair to answer your design dilemmas.


We’re creating an en-suite shower room in our master bedroom but the cupboard we’re converting isn’t particularly large. Any tips on maximizing space?

We’ve recently undertaken several similar projects – using a small space to its best advantage for new en-suites. It can be done. Using glazed panels for the adjoining wall can help both increase natural light to your new space and give a more spacious feeling. Think about using concealed storage. Use strong, bright lighting solutions and think about installing large, almost oversized mirrors. You’ve mentioned a shower – we’ve even installed free standing baths in small spaces – the effect can be dramatic!

I want a statement light fitting for our newly refurbished dining room but feel somewhat restricted by what I’m finding online.

Can you point me in other directions?

Lighting can be such a key ingredient for any makeover project. The right choice can just seal the deal in terms of look, function and overall impact. We are fans of the Porta Romana range of lighting, mainly because they offer strikingly different solutions. For a dining room have a look at their amazing Lollipop Chandelier – see photo. We recently used it with a scorched gold finish and navy velvet shades with gold lining and the outcome was a winner. Website is

Solutions for a a supersized master bedroom can include a oversized headboard set against a stud partition.

We have a very large master bedroom after knocking two rooms into one. We’re now worried it’s too large. Any suggestions to calm our worries are welcome!

 Don’t fret – a large master bedroom suite can work really well. Think about creating different zones in the space – a seating area perhaps around a fireplace and don’t rule out a dressing area that can be cleverly screened off. Move the bed into the middle of the room – use an extra large headboard to create a room divider against a stud partition. All these additions can be enhanced with strong lighting, creating both a luxurious and intimate atmosphere. One extra large bedroom space we recently worked on – see photo – benefited from a super lighting scheme and bespoke cabinetry including cantilevered bedside tables. The result had high impact.

The velvet touch – with Sahco’s wide range of colours.

I love velvet upholstery but want some exciting colours to use when I’m redoing our Sunday best front room. Can you recommend any stockists?

Have a look at both Sahco – especially for the major colour ranges – and Dedar that has super velvets that are wipe-off, water repellant. With such hard-wearing, durable options you might decide to use your Sunday room every day of the week and that ticks the functional box!

Bringing the bamboo look inside with this Osborne & Little wallpaper.

We’re creating a garden room and because we’ve used bamboo as windbreakers in the garden we like the idea of something bamboo-like for the interior. What could you suggest?

Most garden rooms are likely to have a lot of glass in terms of windows and doors but if you’ve solid walls then why not think about the aptly named Bamboo wallpaper which is in Osborne and Little’s Enchanted Gardens collection. It’s available in six different colour ranges but we like the green – see photo – and in fact liked it so much that we used it in one of our showroom displays for our late Spring look.

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