Passionately nurturing potential

To look at The High School of Glasgow today, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is a relatively modern school. In truth, this is Scotland’s oldest school. Founded in the 12th century as the Choir School of Glasgow Cathedral, the school has evolved over the years, moving with and adapting to different eras and changes

Today, the school prides itself on being a forward thinking and progressive school, which continues to promote traditional values. The new Rector, John O’Neill, has been promoted from within and knows the school inside out. He has wasted little time in putting his own stamp on affairs. Forward thinking, his vision for the future of the school seeks to build upon the school’s ethos of supportive relationships and developing the potential of the whole child to enable it’s pupils to have the capacities and skills to flourish in the ever changing world of the 21st century.

O’Neill says “The child who feels happy, safe, supported and encouraged, is a child who will be open to learning and who will strive to do his or her best. At The High School of Glasgow, we believe that positive academic performance and success in the classroom are the result of investment in relationships. It’s the reverse of what people commonly think. Our ethos is that if we can get relationships right, all else will fall into place.”

Pastoral Care
Pastoral care and the personal attention given to pupils are at the top of the priority list. The small class sizes and the happy, familial atmosphere enable teachers and all staff to help develop kind, considerate and well rounded individuals who leave school with a quiet and purposeful confidence, and a consideration for others.

In addition, all pupils benefit from tuition from educational specialists from the outset. In the Junior School the children have specialist teachers for Drama, Art, Music and PE from Kindergarten onwards.

After Junior 6, pupils attend the Senior School, for primary 7, where they receive a transitional year with specialists in every subject giving them invaluable experience of secondary school life.

Beyond the Classroom
That said The High School is not a purely academic institution. Extra-curricular opportunities are of the utmost importance to the school, teachers, parents and pupils alike. The school’s sporting prowess is evident from success in both rugby and hockey nationally in the past decade and international recognition in a range of sports including athletics, cricket, football and swimming. Undoubtedly the exceptional, self-contained campus is an advantage and allows pupils at the school to train more often and more easily. The Rector explains, “We passionately encourage sports, music, debating, international exchanges, cultural trips to China or Iceland for example, and a plethora of other areas, in order that our pupils can identify and pursue their individual interests and ambitions, contributing to the development of the ‘whole person’.”

However, one of the core values the school looks to instil in pupils is concern for and awareness of others. The children’s exposure to this comes from programmes including but not limited to community service projects in India or Morocco, local work with Alzheimer’s Scotland, charity fundraising and extensive community service through the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. This approach begins at the earliest stages of the Junior School, focusing on kindness, honesty and responsibility. The fruits of this are evident from meeting even the youngest of pupils.

The school is committed to continuously developing and improving its facilities, evident from building projects over the last two decades with key additions in recent years being the major science department extension and the new water based astro-turf pitch.

The grounds and campus are one key area of focus with regards to progression, but the school also believes in keeping pace with the rapidly changing educational environment and ensures that pupils have ready access to the latest devices and software, ensuring they can develop their digital literacy for the 21st century.

Academic Excellence
The High School of Glasgow’s reputation is second to none, with exam results consistently in the top five schools in Scotland for the last fifteen years. The teachers and management pride themselves on making learning fun and interesting in extremely well-equipped surroundings, whilst aiming to deliver an outstanding education.

Our Ethos
Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of The High School is the sense of belonging to an extended family within school, a feeling which endures right into adulthood.

Pulling on its heritage, the school prides itself on continuing its commitment to making the school as accessible as possible, offering bursaries to children of ability where financial support is needed.

There is no doubting this is a remarkable school with a unique ethos and community. Rector O’Neill says, “The closeness of the relationships which our pupils develop adds a further confidence to leavers. This school is a family that spans generations. The parents who send their children here share our belief that with the right attention and direction their children can grow into exceptional adults.”