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The programme will be available in Glasgow & Edinburgh.

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This support is fully funded meaning there’s no cost to your business.

  “Royal Bank Of Scotland is delighted to be supporting the BWS Business Growth programme. When you have an entrepreneur who is female and may have faced challenges before, they sometimes need more bespoke support. The BWS Business Growth Programme offers advice to growing businesses and offers advice and access to business men and women who understands their specific needs for growth.”

Yvonne Greeves

Head of Women in Business at NatWest & Royal Bank of Scotland & Ulster Bank, Awards Judge, Speaker, Chair and Trustee

BWS Programme for Growth - Edinburgh Reviews

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Programme. Even though I have an MBA and have been involved in formal business education for most of my professional life, I have found the course really refreshing. I have met female entrepreneurs who are very inspiring, and we have received expert & practical guidance that I am very confident we will all be able to put to good use. So, I would encourage anyone, whatever your background and whatever stage you are in business, to apply – it is a worthwhile thing to do.

– Bronagh Power (Trustee with Smart Works)

BWS Programme for Growth - Edinburgh Reviews

I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole programme and it has given me the necessary insight, self-awareness and motivation to progress Dovecot’s business plan to the next stage – and a great new network of inspiring women too. Your programme has provided something that doesn’t exist for cultural not-for-profit enterprise, setting it side-by-side with other entrepreneurial business. Yet cultural enterprise is an area that can provide innovation, growth and create jobs in Scotland in future. It was a privilege to be part of your first cohort so thank you again for offering me this opportunity

– Celia Joicey (Director of Dovecot Studios)

BWS Programme for Growth - Edinburgh Reviews

I have spent the week with BWS attending the growth programme in Edinburgh, A great programme, some of the information I already knew but I had forgotten, and it is great to remember, revitalise, energise and take this information back to my team.

– Rickie Tank (co-founder of Home Help Me Care Ltd)

BWS Programme for Growth - Glasgow Reviews

I’m yet to come down off cloud 9 from the BWS Programme for Growth course – thank you for your hard work to organise it and for accepting my application. I found the programme incredibly beneficial, from the point of view of business help, confidence increase and network growth. It was a totally priceless experience I’ll never forget; the first event I’ve been to and not came away feeling worse about myself – the opposite.

– Alice Mitchell (Owner of Papeterie Bespoke)

BWS Programme for Growth - Glasgow Reviews

I found the Growth Programme very beneficial. The focus on confidence and mind-set couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I tend to get bogged down with the negatives and forget what we’ve achieved in our short time in business. I was delighted with my pitch! I usually spend the days/ hours before having to stand up and talk to people telling myself “I can’t do this, I’m terrible at this etc”. The workshops earlier in the week made me realise it was as simple as flipping that mind-set on its head and telling myself the opposite. It worked!

– Susie Anderson (Owner East Coast Cured)

BWS Programme for Growth - Glasgow Reviews

I wanted to convey a genuine huge thanks for the last 3 days. I’ve found it enlightening to realise I can actually (really) be away from my business and my team demonstrated what they are capable of and so much more. I did find the growth programme beneficial. It’s helped me validate many of the things we are doing right and bring to the forefront other areas I should now focus more and priories on in order to continue to grow the business. Thanks again, it was amazing and bizarre taking 3 days out the business and that alone has opened my eyes!

– Hayley Wilkes (Owner WeeCOOK)

Locations in Scotland

Edinburgh: 18th – 20th March 2020
Glasgow: 10th – 12th November 2020

The BWS Programme For Growth is an exciting project in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland, designed to encourage and support entrepreneurs at the crucial growth stage of their business. The aim is to boost prosperity and ultimately create jobs.

20 spaces available at each location. Apply today by filling out the form opposite.

The three-day course is designed to help your business grow, and for you to develop and take it to the next level.

Running and growing a business can be a lonely place and at this stage it is easy to lose momentum. By the end of the final seminar on day three you will have the opportunity to present to a panel of specialists in business who can offer personalised advice to help your business. You can then concentrate your efforts on the areas where you have the best chance of success and go forward confidently to expand your business.

It is the ideal opportunity to take some time out to work on your business, rather than in your business.

Final outcomes:
Boost confidence, unlock potential and drive innovation and growth.

A similar programme has already been rolled out in Dundee and is estimated to have contributed more than £120,000 of in-kind support since May 2017. The impact of this resource speaks for itself.

Read the review opposite, from businesses who have already undertaken the programme.

3 days of workshops:

Day 1

Understanding My Market

Aim of Day – Understand Strategic Vision for Business and start to formulate a 2 year plan

2 minute Introduction to your business

Understanding your current Business proposition – SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Opportunities, Weakness & Threats

Understanding your customer

Position your business for growth

Aim of day – Understand your position in the market and how to capitalise on this for optimum business growth

Session will focus on marketing your business and understanding your supply chain

Is your business digital proof?

Day 2

Getting your business financially ready

Aim of the day – Understand the various financial options available to successfully and sustainably grow your business

Day will explore organic growth, traditional lending through to Venture Capital funding and the advantages and pitfalls of each option

Building your team

Aim of the day – Roadmap for building your team for optimum growth

What makes a successful team and how can you replicate this in your business

Roadmap your virtual and physical team

Are you board ready?

Day 3

Meet the panel

Aim of the day – Pitch your business to a panel of successfully professional.

The panel brings a wealth of skills experience and advice for the business owners. The role of the panel is to listen to each pitch and think of ways to provide support to help each individual grow their business and take to the next growth level.

You will be required to pitch your business to the panel for 5 minutes followed by a further 10 minutes of Q&A’s.

Panel members will provide written feedback and pledges of help where appropriate.

We will follow the pitches with lunch and Certificates to show that you have completed the programme.

You will then join our BWS Business Growth programme Alumni and have the opportunity to reconnect with each other virtually and physically through our Live Events.

Locations in Scotland

Edinburgh: 18th – 20th March 2020
Glasgow:10th – 12th November 2020

Day 1 & Day 2

09:15 arrival for coffee
09:45 am first programme
1:30pm – 3:30pm -2nd programme

Day 3

09:15 am arrival for coffee
First presentation to panel 09:45 am
Finishes 3:30pm

See reviews from business who have already attended the programme opposite.

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Terms and conditions:

The growth fund has no cost to your business but you have to be a BWS member to qualify (membership rates are affordable and can be paid monthly, further information can be found on the membership page (

We welcome all businesses to apply that can follow this criteria.

You must have a turnover of £100k plus.

Predominantly female ownership of the business who have been trading for 3 years +

Send your application to Laura- Jane Clements Programme co ordinator at